Sheila Graber


1940 geboren
lebt und arbeitet in England

"Jeder ist ein Künstler, wenn er die richtige Förderung erhält. " (Sheila Graber)

Born in 1940 Sheila Graber trained in Fine art and Education, when she discovered that "Everyone is an artist if given the right encouragement."

For the next twenty years she put these concepts into practice using any materials she, and her pupils, could get their hands on. Paint, Clay, Wood, Metal and finally, in 1970, Animated Movies.

Creating over 60 animated shorts and 3 series for World TV.

One of Sheila’s driving forces is to use animation as a means of communication not just for entertainment but for education and healing too.

Between 1975 and 2004 – selection of award winning shorts shown worldwide.

In over 20 years she has travelled from "Plasticine to Pixels" and still maintains that Animation (as Disney predicted) is the "Art of the Future ... and what’s more ‘It’s Fun’ !"